Travelling this Summer? Here are 5 easy tips for a guaranteed happy holiday!

Summer definitely is one of our favorite times of the year. We have waited long enough and finally, here it comes. The sun’s out and everyone is happy. As we always love to make the most out of Summer, this year you can chase summer around the world. Here are some tips to make this summer one to remember (in a fascinating good way).

1. Plan On-time and Book Early

The first step is to plan ahead and on time. Trust me, you do not want to travel haphazardly. Whether you are planning on your own or you prefer to use travel agents, always decide on time. One of the greatest benefits of planning ahead is that you will get best deals even. Discounts and Early Birds rates are out there. Some agencies even offer guaranteed flexibility and fee-free refund to certain destinations.

2. Consider What You Really Need
For some, this is a time to rest and unwind, they just want to enjoy a good, peaceful time away from home. For others, they wish to explore, sight see, learn new culture and go on adventures. Some just want to build their travel history. Always choose destinations that suit your summer goals.

3. Don’t Put Yourself Under Financial Pressure

You can travel to amazing destinations without breaking the bank. What really is the essence of going away for vacation but you are deep in thought because you’ve spent more than you can. You can talk to travel agents and experts on the best destinations that suit your budget. Travel close to home, opt for 3 star hotels instead of 5 star and so on

4. Pack Weather & Destination – Appropriate Outfits

It’s summer and of course a tad hot. Pack outfits that are breathable, please. If you are going hiking, pack outfits suitable for that, not some dinner dresses and not some fancy suit lol. Get your Bikinis and Swim Suit available if you will be travelling to Islands and resorts.

5. Do Not Be Afraid To Try Out New Things

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read a page. You have left your comfort zone to explore a world of entirely different culture. Don’t be afraid, try out delicacies, learn languages and culture, make new friends and allow yourself to feel all the delight of freedom

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