Nigerians love to travel. However, they need a visa to travel to most of their choice travel destination. Thus for most travel lovers, their passion has been unwittingly curtailed by the inability to freely acquire a visa to their choice destination(s). At Marquis Concierge Limited, we provide Nigerians with counsel, guidance, and assistance with visa processing for several categories of visas.

Our visa consultants have extensive visa experience on visa application and will ensure that you are advised correctly; in order to increase your chances for visa approval. 

Our Visa Assistance Services Include:

  • Document Audit
  • Advice clients on the necessary documents required to apply for their visa
  • Check your visa application documents.
  • Eligibility Check
  • Travel Plan (Hotel reservation, ticket reservation etc)
  • Guide you on all aspects of the visa process
  • Assist with filling the visa application form.
  • Update you on any changes in visa rules and regulations.
  • If applicable, assist with booking your medical examination/test
  • Tour plan

Our Visa assistance services are currently available for the following travel destinations:

  • Australia, Canada, The Bahamas, Belarus, Bahrain, Indonesia, Turkey, Ukraine, Singapore, Egypt, Qatar, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Russia, The United Kingdom, South Africa, U.S.A , St. Kitts and Nevis e.t.c.


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